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About Ulrika

Ulrika’s interest in yoga and meditation began on a trip to Thailand in 2007. It was a whole new way of looking at life. Many yoga retreats followed.

In 2010 she took a training to become a mindfulness instructor MBSR with Katarina Lundblad who later led to a longer training retreat with the founder of mindfulness MBSR Jon Kabat Zinn from USA.

Ulrika also did a 10-day vipassana retreat to immerse herself. The interest in personal development was important. For many years in her daily life, she used this and went deeper and deeper into her personal development. Volunteer work like Karma Yogi has felt like a natural part of her life. Much later, she attended a 250 hours training course to ishta yoga teacher.

But it was during a Karma Yogi work that Ulrika discovered the sound’s deeply balancing & healing effect, and began looking for an education. In Spain, the choice was Peter Hess Sound massage Practioner. The energy that she had been working with for years came back and she also felt a deep relaxation and clarity. Ulrika felt that she just had to share this with others.

Then training to Gongmaster followed and the idea came to her that she wanted to create sound baths with many different instruments. Ulrika’s sensitivity to vibration means that she has carefully chosen instruments that are balancing for the whole person. After this also followed a training to Emelie Hess Soundyogateacher as an opportunity to use the sound bowls in asanas (yoga positions).

But her greatest experience is still her inner development journey and she has a desire for every being to follow their inner truth. Ulrika is happy to collaborate with other teachers in yoga classes or at retreats. She likes to visit other cities.

Why Klang & Yoga

Reduce stress

Yoga is an ancient tradition that originates from India. The aim is to reduce stress, create inner peace and release tension both mentally and physically. Yoga helps us to be present in the now and in our bodies. It can also help us to open up the mind to new things, so we can see things from new perspectives.


Both compassion for oneself and others often increases during regular yoga practice. Asanas are the yoga positions that we use in yoga. These help the energy in the body to flow freely. The effect of yoga calms the mind until it is completely relaxed. In combination with the sound bowls, the effect is even more profound. With the sound bowls you can pause in the yoga positions and the listening opens the door to a deep silence.

Relaxation and balance

In a completely relaxed state, we can often pay attention to our own thought patterns and get rid of stressed feelings and blockages. The body can then let go at a deep level and the mind can relax completely. The harmonic vibrations of the sound bowls relax the parasympathetic nervous system and balance our entire energy center (the chackra system).

Release tensions

The combination of yogaasanas and sound together releases tension at an even deeper level and deepens the effect of yoga positions. We often move away from our own center, but with the sound together with yoga we lead ourselves back to our own core. Sensitive people can feel how the fine vibrations balance the entire system of the body and how they come into contact with their inner wisdom, the deepest essence. Who we are!

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Peter Hess Soundmassage

Peter Hess Soundmassage 1 hour/650 sek

During Peter Hess’s deeply relaxing sound massage, you are fully clothed on the massage table with the sound theraphy bowls placed on your body. Unlike regular massage, the client and therapist have no direct physical contact. The gentle and soft sound vibrations from the sound bowls flow like an internal massage through the body.

Benefits of Klangmassage:

Deep relaxation
• Helps the body to release from internal stress, sorrows and fears
• Calming and relaxing
• Releases tension and blockages
• New creativity may arise
• Self-confidence can be strengthened
• Self-healing ability strengthened
• New joy of life
• Works on all levels spiritually, body and mind
• Can help you get in touch with your inner wisdom
• Vibration stimulates “awakens “body energy center (chackran) and cleans them to recharge so the body gets optimal life energy


Sound bath/relax

A sound bath with harmonic sound vibrations is a deeply relaxing experience. During a sound bath, many different instruments such as sound bowls, gong koshi, hangdrum, Zen symbals, Assam bowls, shaman drum, ocean drum, rainstick, sansula or other instruments are used.
All instruments have a very balancing effect on the body and mind. “Bathing in sound” brings a positive energy and joy to the mind. The vibrations also help to release anxiety and fears. Many people experience an inner clarity and focus. Sound baths can be used in yoga classes or only as relaxation.

Gong – Gong Bath

Gong is an instrument known for its transformative power. The instrument works for the creation of harmony both physically, mentally and emotionally. The gong OM (ohm) tone creates a total inner silence within us. The powerful vibrations are felt throughout the body and at the same time we can hear the special sound of this unique instrument. The gong makes it possible to release the feeling of identity with the physical body and sensory objects. We are in an awake state while our mind becomes completely still. The personal ego reaches a stage of non-judgment or neutrality. This stage is the total harmony of the body and mind.
Gong bath can be personal or in groups as a relaxation.

Peter Hess Sound Bowls

Sound Bowls has been used for a long time in Japan, China and the Himalayan region. Most sound bowls are used for meditation and the unique sound helps us find inner clarity.
Peter Hess Sound Bowls are of the highest quality and has been used for over 20 years for therapy purposes. There are no other sound bowls on the market produced with the same criterion. The high quality sound bowls are made of 12 traditional metals. 7 of these are planetary metals. One for each planet. Gold – Sun, Silver – Moon, Mercury – Mercury, Copper – Venus, Iron – Mars and Tin – Saturn. The others are as follows: Zinc-Effective Against Stress, Meteoric Iron-Improves Action Force, Bismuth-Promotes Digestion. Galena-Helps Pain-Inflammations, Pyrite-Strengthens Lungs. A small part of an old sound bowl is added to preserve the old traditional healing knowledge – a symbolic carrier of old knowledge. The production of a 2 kg heavy sound bowl takes 32 hours to manufacture and everything is made by hand.

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